Passenger Handling

Passenger Handling

We welcome all passengers with a friendly and warm smile that they will treasure for the rest of their journey. Our mandate is to ensure that they are on time and on the right flight. Passengers are ushered professionally until they are comfortably seated on their booked flight. AGS is always ready to welcome passengers arriving from their different journeys with the same warmth that will accompany them to their homes and places of abode.

  • Check-in services
  • Airport Lounge
  • Ticketing
  • Meet and Greet
  • V.I.P handling services

Special Passenger Handling

At our company, every traveler matters. We strive to ensure that every passenger feels respected and valued, regardless of their age or mobility. Our goal is to create memorable and comfortable journeys for all, especially the elderly, those with reduced mobility, and unaccompanied minors, through our personalized and attentive service.

Baggage Handling

We pride ourselves on ensuring that all baggage is secured, handled with care, loaded onto the right aircraft, and arrives with the owner for a pleasant travel experience. AGS provides shrink-wrap services to ensure the security of all contents of bags we handle during travel.


The safety of our passengers is our greatest concern. We offer weight and balancing service to ensure that the aircraft is well balanced with the correct weight at take-off, airborne, and during landing. We pay particular attention to our loading plan and ensure accuracy for the safety of our passengers on board. AGS does not compromise on safety and compliance. Moreover, we take heed of all aspects that ensure the safe departure and arrival of passengers.


AGS is always ready to welcome that special group of passengers who travel either as individuals, family or business associates on private aircrafts. We have a dedicated team ready to handle all processes and procedures to make the travel and departure of these adhoc flights seamless and enjoyable. On offer are customized services such as executive car hire, hotel and conference room bookings, airport transfer, safari and itinerary facilitation that suits the customer’s needs. The VIP service is designed in a bespoke manner that caters to the elite needs of the customer.

  • Aircraft meet and greet
  • Customs and immigration
  • Aircraft catering facilitation
  • Ramp services
  • Loading and unloading
  • Business lounge services
  • Aircraft landing fees and parking


To bring that comfort of home to the traveling passengers; AGS provides aircraft grooming services to our customer airlines. Passengers want to travel in a clean and pleasant environment free from dirt and bad odors. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that the aircrafts are in prime condition. We use recommended cleaning methods to provide a hygienic environment for all passengers of all ages.


AGS has dedicated security personnel that always ensure the security of passengers and their travelling belongings. These are stationed at every strategic point, from the document verification desk to the sorting hall and around the aircraft, including the loading points.

    • Aircraft security
    • Baggage escorting
    • Document verification


Our mishandled baggage offices are located at all major airports in Zimbabwe. Our staff is always at hand and ready to assist each passenger in finding their lost luggage. In order for this process to move swiftly, passengers are encouraged to bring their flight information and passport for identification. It is our priority to re-unite passengers with their mishandled luggage within a stipulated time.

    • World Tracer System